Level III Saturday Spring 2019 Schedule


Level III CFA Review Program -Registration CLOSED


Level III Saturday Spring Schedule 2019 (Subject to Change)

Week Date Time Location Study Session Topic Instructor
1 12-Jan 9AM - 11:30AM JFF-240 7 Portfolio Management for Institutional Investors

Lou Holtz, CFA

2 19-Jan       NO CLASS


3 26-Jan 9AM - 11AM
11:30AM -1:30PM
JFF-240 1
Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
Ethics and Professional Standards in Practice

Mark Harbour, CFA, CPA, CIMA

4 2-Feb 9AM - 11AM
11:30AM -1:30PM
JFF-240 4
Behavioral Finance
Risk Management

Roger Gewecke, CFA
Chen Song, PhD, CFA

5 9-Feb 9AM - 11AM
11:30AM -1:30PM
JFF-240 5
Private Wealth Management 1
Private Wealth Management 2

Peter Heilbron, CFA
Eric Souders, CFA

6 16-Feb       NO CLASS


7 23-Feb 9AM - 11AM
11:30AM -1:30PM
JFF-240 11
Fixed Income Portfolio Management 1
Fixed Income Portfolio Management 2

Mike Salvay, CFA

8 2-Mar 9AM - 11:30AM JFF-240 3 The Asset Management Industry and Professionalism

Greg Crouch, CFA

9 9-Mar       NO CLASS


10 16-Mar 9AM - 11AM
11:30AM -1:30PM
JFF-240 13
Equity Portfolio Management 1
Equity Portfolio Management 2

Francois Schramek, CFA

11 23-Mar 9AM - 11AM
11:30AM -2PM
JFF-240 15

Alternative Investments for Portfolio Management
Applications of Economic Analysis to Portfolio Management

Erik Einertson, CFA
Justin Regus, CFA
12 30-Mar       NO CLASS


13 6-Apr 9AM - 11:30AM
12M -2PM
JFF-240 17
Risk Management Applications of Derivatives
Asset Allocation & Related Decisions in Portfolio Management 1 

Scott Joslin, PhD
Karyn Williams, PhD

14 13-Apr 9AM - 11AM
11:30AM -2:00PM
JFF-240 18
Asset Allocation & Related Decisions in Portfolio Management 2 

Andrew Berkin, PhD
Chen Song, PhD, CFA

15 20-Apr       NO CLASS


16 27-Apr 9AM - 11AM
11:30AM -1:30PM
JFF-240 19
Global Investment Performance Standards
Evaluating Portfolio Performance

James Lewis, CFA, CIPM

17 4-May       NO CLASS


18 11-May 9AM-4:30PM JFF LL 105   Boston Practice Exam* - Register Now


19 17-19 -May 9AM-5PM TBA   Schweser 3-Day Review** - Register Now


20 25-May       NO CLASS


21 1-Jun 9AM-4:30PM JFF 233   Schweser Mock Exam*** - Register Now  
22 15-Jun       CFA Exam  

Red denotes changes from the original schedule

* Boston Practice Exam is included in the registration of the Review Program
** Schweser 3-Day Review is included in the Review Program unless you opt-out
*** Schweser Mock Exam is NOT included in the Review Program and you must register in order to take the exam

Please Note: The Boston Practice Exam, Schweser 3-Day Review, and Schweser Mock Exam are live, no materials or recordings will be provided online.

Level III CFA Review Program -Registration CLOSED


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